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A Taste of Vietnam

Welcome to B Bistro! 

Your number one spot for authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

We are dedicated to giving you a taste of Vietnam by serving family owned and traditional recipes. 

It all began with a love story between a U.S. Soldier and a beautiful Vietnamese woman, who met and fell in love in Saigon, Vietnam during a time of war. As they started a family, they kept Vietnamese traditions alive through their cooking, and passed down that delicious knowledge to Lee, their son who is now the owner, chef, and founder of B Bistro.

The name "B Bistro" stands for the family name; Bradley but beyond that, the logo is about "Bee-ing" positive, "Bee-ing" cheerful, and "Bee-ing fulfilled as you enjoy your meal, the same way that for generations we have enjoyed perfecting these recipes for your delight!


B Bistro and the Bradley Family

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